About Us

Not only do we provide superior snowblowing services, we also specialize in Lawn Cutting and Interlock. Let our knowledgable staff spruce up your property this season.

About Kodiak Snowblowing and Lawn Care Inc.

Heading up Kodiak’s Lawn Cutting program is Chris Mullins. As owner/operator of Mullins Lawn Care from 2003-2006, Chris merged operations with Kodiak and became majority partner and co-founder of Kodiak Lawncare, Inc. in the Spring of 2007. Boasting a pleasant demeanor and hard-working attitude, Chris demonstrates an unyielding attitude of respect and responsibility toward Kodiak’s customers and continues to be an invaluable addition to the Kodiak team.

Under Chris’ supervision Kevin, Tim, Don, and Andrew, consistently bring a professional attitude and smile to work every week. Rain or shine, they appear for work at 7:30 every morning to cut, trim, and blow grass clippings away from your pathways, pool decks, and patios, ensuring that your property looks well maintained for any events that you may have planned throughout the summer.

Together, Chris, Kevin, Tim, Don, and Andrew work like a well greased machine and Kodiak is very proud to be represented by them!